Most Common Appliance Problems

If you’re a homeowner, faulty appliances aren’t a matter of “if.” They are a matter of “when.” A lot of problems show clear indications. This includes a total breakdown or a loud banging noise. On the other hand, some signs are just frustrating and irritating.  

Luckily, appliance repair companies exist to help you with your problem. All you’ve got to do is to call them if you’re having problems with your appliances.  

It is time for you to contact a professional company for appliance repairs Appleton, WI if you notice any of these signs: 

Squealing Washers 

You have to contact a professional to examine the belts if your top-loading or front-loading washer squeals when cycling. Else, it will lead to a dead washer and an expensive repair bill. Also, squealing might be associated with the washer’s electronic control. This controls drum speed, wash time, and water temperature. You have to weigh the cost of repair with the cost of a new washer if the electronic control fails. Sometimes, it’s more affordable to buy a new appliance.  

Unlocking Microwave Doors 

It is a safety threat if your over-the-range microwave does not stay close anymore. Though microwave ovens are secure and safe appliances in general, the same thing can’t be said if the door does not lock. A professional appliance repair technician examines the latches and replaces them to make your microwave useful and safe again. 

Impeller Failure 

For those who don’t know, the impeller controls your dishwasher’s water pressure. There is a possibility that you’ve got an impeller issue if your dishes appear to leave the machine dirtier than when they were placed inside.  

If the issue worsens, this failure results in water leakage on the floor and into the motor. This kills your appliance eventually. You should contact an appliance repair technician right away if you hear a loud growling noise when you turn on your dishwasher.  

Ignition Systems 

For those who don’t know, your gas stove has an ignition system that enables you to light the gas and achieve fire. You should try cleaning the ignitor if your stove doesn’t ignite. This will guarantee it isn’t blocked by grease and food residue. You can also hire a professional repair technician to replace it if the cleaning doesn’t work. You can light the stove with the help of a lighter until a technician fixes it.  

Thermostat Problems 

You probably require a new thermostat if your freezer or fridge doesn’t maintain a cold temperature. The thermostat has to keep a constant temperature across the freezer and food compartments. Temperature problems might also happen from the evaporator fan motor. If you can’t rely on your fridge to keep a cool temperature, this component might also need replacement.  

Ice Maker Issues 

Nowadays, ice maker issues are more frequent since most fridges have one. Reasons for problems include cheap components, mildew, and mold. Oftentimes, the ice maker needs complete replacement by the time a professional tackles the problem. This task needs a skilled appliance repair technician. However, you can also ignore the problem if you don’t really need an ice maker.