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There’s currently a tablet cold war going on between Apple and Amazon with no clear winner in sight. Well, except for the consumer that is. The reveal of the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HD function as the latest two shots in this ongoing feud that began several years ago when the original iPad came out as more than just a simple E-Reader like Amazon’s Kindle. Since that time, the two companies have competed side by side in the tablet war, but what’s the difference between the two?
For Apple, the iPad serves as a connection between the e-reader community and the mobile computing community, and it’s all wrapped up in Apple’s trademark appeal. First and foremost, the iPad serves as a hub for all important functions a person needs in a computer. There’s email, messaging, phone calls, the internet, and thousands of apps designed for whatever a person needs whether it’s as simple as a calculator or as complex as a real-time star map for your current location. Coming in around the size of a magazine, it’s a fairly big device, much bigger than any book. It’s for this reason alone that it’s not very comfortable as a e-reader.
Which brings us the iPad mini. At only 6.8 pounds and around the bulk of a medium-sized textbook , it is the perfect size for reading. However, Apple’s native iBooks application is not the best service out there. You can only read books on iDevices, but it’s nearly impossible to read it on an iPhone as the screen is way too small for the sheer amount of text a book contains.
Amazon’s Kindle on the other hand, is also under a pound and has close to the same dimensions as the iPad mini. With the right tweaks, it has a tremendous battery life and is ideal for reading. It also costs around $500 less than the iPad. Amazon’s ebook service is probably the best out there as it tracks where you’re at in a book which allows for a seamless transition if you want to read on a PC. Plus, there are Kindle apps you can use on other devices to read books through Amazon’s service, and this includes the iPad.
The main downside to the Kindle Fire is the lack of personal computing options. There are a lot fewer applications because the system is just not as powerful as the iPad. It’s this limitation that drove Amazon to create the Kindle Fire HD. It’s bigger. It’s more power. And it’s in high definition.
So really, the basis of your decision when choosing an e-reader/tablet should come down to two things. The primary use of the device and the cost. If you just want something to read on, the Kindle is the way to go, but if you want a device capable of handling almost all of your needs, the decision is the iPad.

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