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Winter Vacation Destinations: Where Should I Go?

Winter Vacation Destinations: Where Should I Go?

Were you so busy this summer that you forgot to take a vacation? Do you want to celebrate the holidays in a different location? November and December are not typically a “hot time” to take a long awaited vacation, but there are many destinations that are prefect for an end of year getaway.

  • Southern California is beautiful all year round, but the mild temperatures through November and December make it the perfect destination to thaw from the Colorado winter.

  • New York is a great winter getaway. You can check out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade floats and finish up some holiday shopping in Times Square.

  • Honolulu is a no-brainer; however, the city does offer some great activities in November. Start with the Turkey Trot 10 Mile Run on Thanksgiving morning, and then take a stroll the next morning at the annual Waikiki Holiday Parade. And what better way to relax during the December holidays than on a white sandy beach?

Any of the above destinations will surely give you a ton of activities to do during the holiday months. Although, there’s always a lot of great reasons to stay at home in Colorado. Denver is hosting such annual events as The Starz Film Festival and the International Wine Festival this winter. Each festival has become November traditions in Denver for the past ten years.

No matter what you do this winter, KKB wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. We’re getting ready for the new tax year so that you don’t have to. Enjoy your winter vacation!

Our Colorado Certified Public Accounts at KKB want you to enjoy the beauty of Colorado and all the places in the world. And when you’re ready for the best Denver financial servicesDenver financial services, please call us at 303-815-1100 or contact us on our website for any tax services that you may need.

Did you take a destination vacation during the holidays? Tell us all about your trip.

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