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Enjoy Winter by Skiing in Colorado

With the Ski resorts beginning to open there are now new opportunities for us to  go outside and enjoy our beautiful Rocky mountains. 

Having now lived in Colorado for a year one of the things I have fallen in love is the ability to stay active outdoors, even during the cold winter months. As many residents already know, winter is not a time to bundle up and stay indoors, but rather another opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the slopes through skiing or snowboarding. With a host of resorts and ski areas so close to the Denver area you can leave home and be on the slopes within a few hours, depending on the horrid ski season traffic of course. However, this drive is always well worth it once you come off the lift on the top of the mountain and begin your descent. With world class ski areas such as Winter Park, Breckenridge and Vail so close, it is possible to enjoy the best available skiing in the world and still be very close to home.  The hard part is determining which one to try out first. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you have never attempted to enjoy the mountains in this capacity there are many areas which offer seasons for beginners in order to make this activity possible for virtually anyone.

This winter season I encourage you to stay active and if you have the chance get out and enjoy one of the many areas available for skiing out in the Rockies as winter in the mountains provides yet another excuse to go outside and enjoy the beauty of the nature which surrounds us.

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