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Tips to Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Medical Practice

The goal of many business owners is to find ways to better manage business. That is the case, too, with many of our medical practice clients. As your Denver Medical practice CPA consulting firm, we know medical practices too are always looking at ways to better management and promote a culture of patient safety. Not only does running your practice better help maintain and grow you bottom line, but they also help increase patient satisfaction which go a long way to creating more referrals and advocates for your practice. We uncovered five ways that can help you manage your practice like a pro. All five are about utilizing patient survey software, such as Survey Monkey, to better manage your practice. In fact, according to the Medical Group Management Association, 80% of the most successful medical practices, regularly conduct patient surveys.

1. Assess and build your patient safety culture

The first priority of any practice is the health and safety of your patients. Ensuring their safety requires a great deal of behind-the-scenes work, but conducting such surveys, similar to the those created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, can help identify areas where you need improvement. These surveys also help indicate how comfortable your staff is at reporting safety issues and you can determine how well your staff works today and see where they could use more training.

2. Make Collecting Patient Information More Efficient

All patients the ability to check themselves in via a mobile device in your office. Or, even before their appointment, email them a secure link where they can fill out any required forms and submit them to you. This helps speed up the entire check-in process aids in keeping patient appointments on time as patients are not delayed by filling out forms. In fact, you could even schedule a couple additional daily appointments which help increase your profits. Additionally, this saves your team time and resources as you move from paper forms to HIPAA-compliant online surveys.

3. Follow Up with Patients Without A Checkup

One thing patients typically dislike is coming back for a checkup after a doctor has treated them. So, instead, email them a quick checkup email with a survey to determine if you need to see them again. Then, they do not have to come back in, unless necessary. We have seen many doctors begin sending such surveys that access of they are still experiencing symptoms, if their prescription is working and whether or not, indeed, they desire to come in.

4.Employee Happiness

Much of the patient satisfaction has a great deal to do with the interaction with supporting team members such as nurses and receptionists. It is important everyone is alert, happy and doing their best for the sake of the patients you treat. Therefore, it is a good idea to periodically have your team take an employee engagement survey that asks them to evaluate their own performance as well as their perceptions of colleagues’ behavior. Their answers can help reveal issues that affect patient care.

5. Perspective

Gather data overtime from your patient surveys. This will provide you with benchmark data you can use to compare to others. There is a lot of data available that you can use your benchmarks to compare with others.

How to Use this Information

Many of the above tips will help you better manage your practice and identify ways you can improve. This should help, overtime, with your bottom line. KKB CPAs are here to help with practice consulting whether it is financial management, physician compensation planning and more. Call us at 303-815-1100 or contact us online today!

What are ways you have found to increase efficiency in your practice?

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