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Time Management Skills For The New Year

November usually sparks some emotion in people’s minds. Whether it’s, “December is here already” or “I need this year to be over with” we’re all dealing with stress of work or stress of the upcoming holidays. Soon your house will be full of family and guests for the holidays. Some people take this time to wind down and reflect on the year that was. Others try to stay sharp and focused on what they need to get done for the New Year. No matter how you look at it, your Colorado Certified Public Accountants want you to keep your time management skills sharp for 2014.

There are tons of books, Internet articles, blogs and classes that you can take to help with time management. But, because the holidays are close (and because we know you are so busy) below are some of the techniques our Denver CPAs use to keep sharp:

  • Create a list, and a lot of them. This could be a to-do list, a reminder list, goal list, or a grocery list. Just write down as much as you need, with as much information as you know. Be sure to avoid a list that reaches an outrageous length and is can overwhelming to even look at.

  • Celebrate. Once you get a task done, especially those important ones, take some time and pat yourself on the back. It can be small reward like taking a step away from your desk and going to lunch for an hour, or a bigger reward like buying something that you’ve wanted for a really long time.

  • Set deadlines. Deadlines cause unnecessary worry and stress; however, if you set deadlines that are not demanding, you’ll be able to tackle these tasks quickly. Don’t forget to celebrate when you do meet a deadline.

  • Concentrate on one task. Many people are great at multi-tasking and many people are not great at multi-tasking. If your multi-tasking could use a little help, just focus on one task at a time. You’ll finish it faster and multiple tasks won’t start to pile up causing more stress.
Our goal for you this holiday season is to enjoy the time with your family. And in January, when you’re ready for tax services and planning, contact your Denver financial services expert at KKB Certified Public Accountants. We’ll get you ready for the New Year. Please call us at 303-815-1100 or contact us on our website for any tax services that you may need.

What is your best time management tip?

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