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The organizational culture of your business defines the way you relate to your customers and to the people you work with. Your customers will be served best when the entire team works together with the same well-defined positive orientation towards service and customer care.

 As a customer, you inherently know when you are working with a competent individual who cares about what you want and need. It doesn’t take long for you to determine if the sales person before you is attentive and knowledgeable about store products. There was a time when “customer service” was not a priority. For years big-box electronic stores had a seemingly obvious goal of keeping personnel costs down by employing the minimum number of people at the lowest wages possible.   As a result employees were not motivated or trained to provide great customer service. In recent months that seems to be turning around. Businesses are recognizing the importance of having friendly, knowledgeable people with good attitudes readily available to take care of their customers.
This attitude starts at the top. Leadership that works to build a good working environment for its people, with an atmosphere that is people-friendly will build a team with good attitudes and morale. When that attitude permeates the entire organization it shows through to the customer.
We recently merged two companies and have good first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of blending into a culture of customer service. Both companies brought a history of strong client service, and successful operations, but the cultures were different in a surprising number of ways. Many of these differences were small process issues that, individually, were not significant. We addressed each issue, and tried to incorporate the best ideas to create new processes. In the merger progression we continue to work hard to build a culture where the people are happy in their environment, and understand that our business depends on top-notch attention to the clients’ needs and an attitude focused on making our clients’ lives better.
Leadership must show the way, and build a culture that meets and exceeds the care that your customers expect. With this attitude and approach to its team, they will define the attitude and approach the team takes toward its customers.


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