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The Best Apps for Busy Professionals

In our electronic reality, there are seemingly apps for every issue we may have from fitness to finance and to-dos to time management. The challenge isn’t finding an app, it’s finding the right app among the thousands that you can adopt into your everyday life to help manage time and get you organized. Here’s a look at five apps the financial experts at KKB have found to be useful to keep on top of our schedules when we advise our clients about personal wealth management.


Although there are many apps that can be used for clocks, stop watches and timers, why not start off with using the timer function that comes with your smartphone’s clock? One of the best ways to get a handle on your time management is to get a clear understanding of where your time goes, according to Julie Morgenstern, time management expert and author of Organizing From the Inside Out. If you feel like things are taking just way too long, get objective feedback and time the task. After you establish your baseline, you can work toward streamlining a process that takes longer than it should. Timers are also useful to control the worm hole you can fall into when checking email. Give yourself a set time to check and respond to email each day. Alarms can also keep you on schedule to remind you to get out the door, complete a meeting or remember to leave at a certain time to pick up the kids.


Evernote has become the de-facto go-to app to organize the to-dos for many lives, including many time management experts and successful people. You can start with the free version and upgrade to the paid versions if you find it as useful as most people do. Evernote works across all of your devices, so you are able to access loads of data and files with its handy search feature no matter where you are. You can even email reminders and your Evernote account with tags that will sort it into your Notebooks, the file structure Evernote uses.


Want to minimize the frustration of tracking receipts for reimbursement? Genius Scan, touted as a scanner for your pocket, allows you to take a picture of a receipt by using your smartphone’s camera, and then send it to you as a PDF that you can tackle when back in the office.


Password Caddy for iPhone users, or any app (LastPass, Keeper, etc.) that helps you securely keep track of the plethora of logins and passwords we must remember is a must-have for busy professionals. If there’s a one-stop shop to access all of your logins securely, you won’t waste valuable time trying myriad combinations to gain access to your many accounts from the kids’ lunch accounts to the HR portal at work.

How to Use This Information

As the old adage goes, “Time is money,” so anything we can do to more effectively manage our schedules, will be time well spent. Spending a little time testing out these apps to find the ones that are the most fruitful for your particular circumstances should get priority placement on your to-do list. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss the best ways to secure your financial goals. We look forward to hearing from you when you call 303-815-1100 or contact us online.

What app have you used that gave you the most bang for your buck?

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