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Starting in the calendar year 2012, employers will be required to report the health insurance cost on their employees’ W2s. In other words, the W2s that employees will receive at the beginning of 2013 will need to show the cost of coverage inside box 12 on the W2 under the DD code. This amount should include both the portion paid by the employer as well as the employee. The purpose for this reporting requirement is for informational use only and is in no way taxable to the employee. Its intention is to inform the employees the cost of their coverage and allow for comparisons to other plans.
Initially, most small businesses will not be required to report this coverage information since a key factor is that businesses are excluded if they have less than 250 employees. This “transition relief” will end as soon as new legislation is passed, but for 2012, this reporting is entirely optional. Please see the chart below for a detailed listing of what is and isn’t reportable.  

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