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     For some burgeoning entrepreneurs, starting a business with a spouse can be a daunting proposition. It adds a whole new dimension to a relationship since not only do you have your personal lives together, but you also have your business life. There are a few things to keep in mind when starting a business with a significant other.


1. Household chores. Do you and your spouse find the chores and easy task or are they a constant struggle to finish. This can be a great indicator whether or not you will be able to handle something as stressful as a business together.

2. Finances. Since there won't be a backup source of income, it is important that the finances are in order and both spouses have a clear understanding of both their business and personal financial health.

3. Other owners and employees. Each spouse will need to know their role with the other owners and employees. It's not a good idea to play good cop/bad cop.

4. Reviewing each other's work: You'll need to keep in mind that critiques and reviews of each other's work is strictly business.


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