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Secrets to Productivity

Secrets to Productivity

Have you ever wondered what productivity secrets top business professionals abide by? What is it that allows them to seemingly be so productive and keep going? Here at KKB, your Denver CPA experts, we too have wondered what the secret recipe is for productivity. We did a little digging and put together the following tips. Obviously, there are many tips that you can find circulating out there, but we tried to narrow them down to what we felt were the most useful and practical to our medical practice consulting clients.

Eat Your Frog

While the term “eat your frog” may seem a little off putting, it is actually among the most practical principles that we heard. It stems from an old Mark Twain saying. He said that if you ate a raw frog first thing in the morning, everything else you did that day would seem easier in comparison. We all have things that we tend to put off simply because it seems boring or even too monumental to tackle. As a result, we end up focusing on doing littler (and easier) tasks and procrastinating on the big stuff. By eating your frog, you just bite into the task, perhaps first thing when you get into work when you are fresh and rested, and get it done. You will feel better and even motivated to tackle the rest of your to-do list later when you focus on the big task first.

To-do Lists

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of things that need to get done especially when you have days full of rounds and seeing patients. So, keep a list of things that you need to do to help manage your day and to prevent forgetting important tasks when hit with the craziness of the day. Plus, just writing down those tasks allows you to feel less stress. However, a to-do list can be a double-edged sword. If it becomes too long, you can feel weighted down by it. The majority of top professionals all admit they only get to a few items on their to-do list on any given day or week, so don’t feel bad if you cannot get everything done. Just take it item by item and prioritize what is most important.

Carve Out Planning Time

Some people just spin their wheels without getting much done. This is likely because they feel they have so much to do that it is hard to focus on any single item to completion. When you take about 15 to 30 minutes at the end of each day to plan out the next day, it helps productivity tremendously. Write out what you want to get done along with all of your appointments. Then you can plan a couple of things to complete when you get in the office and even items you can do after all your patient appointments. Having a plan in place will help structure your daily “frog” and help mitigate that to-do list.

Take Time for You

As doctors, we are sure you tell patients each day to take care of themselves. The same applies to you. Some of the top business professionals say they take time for themselves to do things that they enjoy. This can be running, tennis, golf, skiing, etc. Find something outside the office that you have a passion for and do it to help reduce stress, as well as energize you which carries over into the 9 to 5 to help make you even more focused and productive. The fact is, when you are doing something other than work, such as exercising or something creative like music or painting, it releases other hormones in your brain that can help you solve problems at work. We have all experienced a moment when we are out doing something, skiing for example, and suddenly the solution you were looking for to tackle something at work hits you.

How to Use this Information

Here at KKB, we want to see all our clients succeed. Our team offers medical practice consulting when it comes to building financial success. So, that is one less thing to worry about with our experts on your case, so you can be even more productive. Please call us at 303-815-1100 or contact us online today to learn how we can help.

What are some of your productivity tips?

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