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Pummel Procrastination, Promote Productivity

Pummel Procrastination, Promote Productivity

Nearly everyone falls victim to procrastination. These days especially, when the internet, cell phones, and social media provide such constant and convenient distraction, it is even harder to sit in front of a computer and take on a long, unpleasant task. Procrastination is not a mark of unintelligence; indeed, completely active and adept people still have trouble committing to their responsibilities, and even perfectionists will put off work for days, thinking themselves unequipped for the task at hand. But sooner or later, the chores must be done, and it always pays to do them when you have enough time to work through them carefully and double-check your work. Writing down your goals in a list or diagram will help clear your head and look at your responsibilities holistically. Then, there are several strategies for ordering your work and minimizing procrastination: organize everything and take stock of what you need before you begin, do your least favorite task(s) first, focus on one thing at a time, alternate types and difficulties of tasks, divide responsibilities into preparation and execution, schedule occasional breaks to clear your head and small personal rewards after completing lots of work, and most of all, be realistic with your goals. This will make a long day of work as efficient and bearable as possible.

Do not forget that procrastination is a habit; breaking this pattern of behavior can take a lot of motivation, a lot of time, and a new way of thinking about things. For example, if you are someone who dreads all your upcoming work, just concentrate on the consequences of not doing that work and how good you’ll feel having completed it. Do not wait around until you are “in the mood” or “in the right mindset” to start; remember that the first step of a project is often the hardest, even if that just means an outline or introduction. Keep computers and phones far away unless absolutely necessary. Tell someone else your goals and ask him or her to hold you to them. And consider how much money you cost your employer and whether your job was a wise investment. Attitude is key, so tell yourself whatever you need to get you working.

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