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Marketing Tips for Your Medical Practice

Marketing your medical practice is very important in order to continue growth. But, today it can be easier said than done as you face a more crowded and competitive medical market in the Denver area. Simple phone book listings and hospital affiliations may not be enough to garner a strong patient base. As your Denver CPA firm with a focus on health care consulting, we have put together some marketing tips for your medical practice.

Find Something Unique

It is easy to think that all practices are the same. Many patients think that, too, and often medical practices can fall into thinking the same way. The fact is, there is always something different and it is important to play up that difference. What is it that you do that is unlike other practices in your area? Do you provide a unique patient experience when they visit your practice? Do you have a personalized follow-up plan with your patients? For example, in Colorado, there is an eye care group that has a unique vision correction process that is based on understanding a patients’ unique lifestyle that they call the “Life Fit Approach.” Perhaps your general practice is especially good at diabetic care or helping manage hypertension. If so, play up those angles in your messaging.

Volunteer and Get Out There

There is a lot to be said about hustling. Leverage community health fairs, marathons and other fitness events (which are always in large supply in the Denver area) to get your practice in front of prospective patients. The fact is, at most of these events, medical doctors are under-represented. These events provide an opportunity to create strong customer awareness. You can draw people into your booth by offering a health screening. For example, if you focus on hypertension, you can use the opportunity to offer a simple stroke risk evaluation.

People Like “Free”

There are many free services that your practice can probably offer that will turn people into patients. Perhaps you might hold a monthly flu clinic where you offer free vaccines. To keep costs low, you can limit how many per month you would offer. (This is not a published number but you could add urgency by saying "Hurry, supplies are limited".) Or, you can offer blood pressure screenings or other services that can acquaint patients with your practice’s approach.

Electronic Connections

Patients use the web on a daily basis and now expect to have communications online. Use the web to send appointment reminders and even create a patient portal where patients can log in and complete necessary paperwork before their appointment. Also, having a website where patients can see updates and get timely information can do wonders. Consider having them sign up for a newsletter where they can get health tips from you. Also, social media (Facebook, Twitter) is a great way to disseminate such information and keep your patients engaged and sharing your information with their friends.

How to Use this Information

When it comes to your medical practice, we want to see you succeed. At KKB, or team offers medical practice consulting to help build your financial success. Call us at 303-815-1100 or contact us online. We will be happy to sit down with you and see how we can help.

What are some of your favorite marketing tips for your practice?

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