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March In A CPA Office

In a word, March in a CPA office is hectic. It’s a non-stop rush that frequently features 10+ hour days for six or sometimes even seven days a week. There’s the corporate deadline on the 15th which serves as the catalyst for the initial crunch, but individuals, partnerships, trusts, and non-profits provide plenty of work through the rest of the month. Another thing that makes March such a busy month is that our monthly work still gets done. Whether it is retirement planning, payroll, bookkeeping, analyzing, or consulting, the work still gets done

One interesting feature our firm offers are fixed price agreement returns. What this means is we have a set price for your return and the guarantee that it will be completed within three weeks. So in addition to the corporate returns, these FPA returns add another deadline to an already busy month.

Some years are better than others, but for a reason you might not expect. Common thought would seem that the difference between an easy March and a difficult March lie in the amount of returns waiting to be done, but this is false. It all depends on the weather. The nicer the weather, the harder the month is, but then again, that's probably true for most things in life.

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