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The best victory is when the opponent surrenders of its own accord before there are any actual hostilities... It is best to win without fighting. The Art of War

After Wednesday night’s game with Racks & Balls, we all can certainly attest to that statement. Unable to field enough females to play, the game began with a forfeit that led to a scrimmage between the available players on both teams. Unless an event occurs where we win without actually leaving the house, last night will likely go down as the easiest win of the year for the KKB Sox. This improves the Sox record to a firm milestone of two wins and zero losses, a number previously thought unreachable.           

During the scrimmage, Heather continued her amazing pitching, not once throwing two consecutive balls. Also Angela made her softball debut, anchoring the outfield that included Colleen and myself . The infield proved solid as always with Chris and Nick taking care of the left side of the infield, while Phil and Becca did great at first and second respectfully. Like last week, the best performance on our team boiled down to catcher, where not a single ball went by Tarra all night.

Racks & Balls had some fairly good hitters on their team, which was made even better with the KKB contribution of team members Bruce and Tyler. Despite our best effort to persuade them to “help” our side, they smacked the life out of the softball instead, providing some much appreciated exercise for our outfield.

During our time up to bat, several people had some excellent hits, improving tremendously from last week. Becca and Heather both went two for two, with Becca even managing to score her run, which is something no one else did. Colleen, Angela, and Tarra had hits also, getting on base more times than some of the men, which by the way is the singular version of men… that consists solely of me. The longest shot of the night belonged to Phil, who let off a bomb that exploded off his bat toward left field. Nick has some powerful grounders that were hit so hard, he was already on base by the time they stopped rolling. Tarra’s husband Chris, when not on Regan duty, had some excellent hits as well, driving in four runs for our team which, if the trend continues, will be a terrific once we actually start keeping score.

Next Wednesday’s game against the Bejing All-Stars is the late one, 9:30 PM to be exact. Hopefully there will still be a good turnout for this game even though many people will be struggling to stay awake during it. Denise, if you want to start your day a little earlier than normal, you are more than welcome to stop by the field to play with us before heading into the office, that goes for you too Hannah and John Manske.

Thank you everyone for coming out to play. Despite the aches and pains you may feel today, I think we all had fun while we were out there. Hopefully next week’s game will be just as much fun as the last two, and we can continue our winning ways.


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