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KKB's 2011 Holiday Party

The holidays at KKB are typically a fun, relaxed affair, and this year was no exception. For most of us, this is the last quiet period of the year before the nonstop barrage until April 15th (April 17th this year). As a firm, we decided to close the office early on the Monday before Christmas, and have a little party.

The food was prepared in-house and featured various appetizers. In addition to the food, Greg supplied the beers which were Coors’ Batch 19 and Left Hand’s Polestar Pilsner. The Polestar Pilsner, like everything else Left Hand Brewery does was good, but Coors’ Batch 19 was everyone’s clear favorite.

To finish the day, we had a white elephant gift exchange. A sampling of the gifts include a Tokyo Joes’ gift card, Christmas tree ornaments, a case of Fat Tire, a bottle of Baileys, a bottle of Grand Marnier, water bottles, and scarves. Now that the holidays are behind us, and 2012 is here, we are refreshed and ready to take care of your financial and tax needs.

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