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While flying to CougarVille, Washington a few weeks ago; for my stepdaughter’s graduation I was thinking this was going to be a great weekend.  However, as usual, when I travel I always wish I were spending my time at home.   Let me tell you why:

The place I call home, Buffalo Creek, Colorado is just 50 short miles southwest of Denver.  If any mountain bike riders are reading this, you may know exactly what I’m talking about.  Bikers seem to nearly fill our ranger station parking lot on most Sunday mornings. But you are okay, guest.  You’re basically quiet and don’t really disturb our peaceful Sunday morning coffee on the deck.
When my husband, Bob, and I first moved here six years ago the population sign boasted “Population 46.”  We must number at least 52 now. Once I turn off the highway, if I meet three cars I wonder “Why so busy on a regular week night?” To me, Buffalo Creek is one of the most beautiful valleys I’ve ever experienced in my travels.
Our home overlooks Cathedral Spires rock formation and I have a large “sittin” rock in the corner of my yard.  This is where I do my most important thinking as the sun sets and the colors explode into blazing oranges and brilliant deep purples. It is amazing how the daily issues just fade away and lose importance.
We have miles of trails to hike, or mountain bike, and sometimes I just use them for dog walking.  I never tire of the sound of Buffalo Creek running just over the hill, and the wildlife is wondrous to watch.  I’ve seen coyotes chasing deer (not pleasant thoughts, but a necessary cycle of life in nature) and four mountain lions to date. We have a resident fox and black squirrels that are always entertaining.  In Christmas season we have a tradition of walking down the creek until it converges with the South Platte River and watching beavers play on the ice, while sharing a favorite bottle of wine. 
Last summer when Bob and I were visiting friends in Salt Lake City, we were awakened daily by the sounds of lawn mowers, car doors, and people talking in the streets. I realized then that it had been along time since I awakened to anything but song birds, humming birds and the flowing waters of the creek.  Once again I wondered why I was not spending my time at home. 
I must admit, all this calm makes it hard to be motivated on weekend mornings.  Beginning with coffee on the deck at 7:00, before long it is 11:00 and the chores aren’t done, but it was a great morning.
Buffalo Creek is in my heart, part of my soul and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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