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Have you ever been so set in your ways in life that it is hard to adjust to new changes?  Something as new and bold as moving from one state to another?

I recently moved from my home state of Texas that I have known my entire life, and where my entire family resides, to another state that is way out of my comfort zone.  Yeah!  Talk about a HUGE change!  I know, I know, you are probably thinking, "Oh geez! That's easy! I've done that plenty of times and it is not THAT hard."  Well, I am a small town girl, moving to a big city.  So, this is definitely one experience I will never forget!

My husband, Tyler, and I moved from San Angelo, Texas to Aurora, Colorado in June of 2008.  Tyler was offered the Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Metropolitan State College of Denver (Metro State).  When we found out we were moving to this wonderful and sometimes COLD state, we had two weeks to pack our little duplex, find a new home (which we found online), find me a job (also done online), and move 736 miles.  You should have seen this small town girl with home in tow on Interstate 25.  I am sure people were laughing at me!

I remember being in awe of Denver.  The houses were different from those back home, the architecture was different, even the roads were different.  And, I moved from shopping at ONE mall in the town to my choice of MANY different malls.  How awesome is that?

How about the option of going to a professional basketball, football or baseball game?  I was so excited to go to my first NFL game.

When I finally started my job, it took me 15 to 20 minutes to drive to work.  In Texas, it took me 5 minutes to drive to work, and I could go home for lunch.

I am not a fan of cold weather (Oh, the sacrifices we make for our spouses).  The day we moved from Texas, it was 103 degrees.  That is one hot day right there.  When winter came, according to fellow Coloradans, it was very mild.  With my new bigger, thicker coat, gloves and scarves I barely survived this past 'mild' winter.  In Texas my 'winter jacket' was a hoodie.

Moving from Texas to Colorado has definitely been an adjustment.  But it has been one change that I am certainly glad I made, and do not regret.  I love Denver!  If it was not for my husband relocating for his job, I probably would still be in that small Texas town, not experiencing a great city like DENVER!!!

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