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If you want to see the key to our game 5 victory, look for further than the picture below, taken from last night's game.

That's right, Jon "Capital Gains" Alfano won it for us last night with his Herculean level hitting.  Even with the opposing team's outfielders playing deep, he still drove it to the fences for two or three RBI's every at bat.

Other noteworthy news from the game involved Angela and Phil playing catch between the pitcher's mound and first base for a couple of innings, resulting in a three up, three down lineup from the Rabid Squirrels.  Let's hope they transfer that harmony over to the accounting team tomorrow.

For the second Sox game of the night with JD's Bait Shop, our home team made an admirable showing.  For the sake of keeping this article G-Rated, and also because I support the spirit and livelihood of bartenders everywhere, I'll keep the summary of that game short.

Balls were hit, some were caught, runs were scored, and a petition for mandatory HGH testing was submitted.  Once again, we saw evidence that while alcohol bolsters self confidence in some scenarios, it does not contribute to improved eye/hand coordination.

We have one more week of doubleheaders, followed by a final week of play.  Hopefully we will luck out, and there will be no more 9:30 games the rest of the season.  Come on Phil, start sweet-talking these schedulers; use that KC charm!

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