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Lessons learned from last night's game four: most athletic events between a sports bar and an accounting firm will usually end with the sports bar winning.  So what if we lost 4-25 to JD's Bait Shop?  Let's challenge them to an "1120 Death Duel" and see who wins.  "Two teams enter, retained earnings leave!"

All joking aside, we actually played very well last night.  Linda graciously decided to help us out since we were one (wo)man short, and did an excellent job fielding the ball.  In fact, both she and Colleen had several crucial stops while fielding in right and right-center.

After a long hiatus, Jon Alfano returned to provide 80% of our defensive outs while playing shortstop.  In spite of the blinding sun in his eyes, with his "octopus like" ability he managed to catch everything in and near his area.

According to Phil, "We scored the 2nd most runs JD's have given up all season and actually had an inning where we held them to no score."

So hey, there you have it, one small victory in a night that didn't have many.

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