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I believe last night’s game three was what’s called a “black and blue” game. Muscles were sore and aching but that didn’t seem to stop us from playing excellent defense. Our defense played so well we were able to finish the game holding our opponents with back to back scoreless innings. Due to these scoreless innings, and a few well timed hits by KKB team members, we won the game, 13-9.

Last night’s fielding was unquestionably the best performance we’ve had all year. Let’s credit the excellent work from the entire infield as well as strong pitching from Phil. There were several double plays, and even a few force outs at second where Angela surprised us with her “without a glove” technique. Despite an unprecedented seven innings played, our defense only allowed nine total runs, a truly amazing feat.

Tyler continued his strong hitting with two more home runs last night before slowing down from muscle cramps and settling for slightly more pedestrian doubles. Besides Tyler, there weren’t many extra base hits last night, except those with flawless timing. It seemed we created a singles machine that could rival before Phil, Nick, Greg, or Chris stepped up and delivered shots that cleared the bases.  

Next week’s game is against the mildly clever, youthful-humored Master Batters. Their drive to move up into a new, more competitive league may succeed if they can manage to spank the ball just a bit more!  

We are off to a great start that optimistically will continue for weeks to come. Go Sox!

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