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I know these games are meant to be played for fun, but that doesn't stop last night from hurting any less.  The cause for the roller coaster ride of emotions came from the top of the third inning with what we thought would be our final at bat, down 8-3.  Slowly but surly, their lead began to decrease until finally it was 8-5 with two outs, the bases loaded, and the home run king himself, Tyler Cline, steps up to the plate.


What happened next was a powerful hit that shot the first pitch straight to center field, finally rolling to a stop at the outfield fence.  Despite a pretty good throw from the outfield to the catcher, the final two runners, Erika, followed closely by Tyler, barely made it to home plate in time to score the eighth and ninth runs of the inning, putting the KKB Sox ahead with very little playing time remaining.


Like all roller coasters, the highs are usually followed by the lows, and what happened next certainly upholds that theory.  With only minutes left to play, the Beijing All-Stars put together a comeback that rivals Gary Player's 1978 Masters final round, the 1993 Buffalo Bills - Houston Oilers' playoff game, and the 2004 Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees' American League Championship Series.


The Sox played hard and with that emotional investment there might be some heartbreak, but there is certainly no shame in loosing to what was the slightly better team last night.


Next week's game is scheduled earlier in the evening, with an 8:30pm start time, and the opponent is the Ennovate Engineers.  Since the dawn of time, accountants and engineers have been in debate that began with cost allocation for building a solid cave, and has evolved into sources of current-day tension such as treatment for income recognition in long-term contracts, and fixed-asset retirement procedures.


Maybe after next week, this debate will take on a new spin!


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