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When people think about getting outside on a weekend in Colorado, the first thing that comes to mind is heading for the mountains.  And while the mountains provide everything an outdoor adventurer is looking for, what adventures exist for those who don’t like camping and hiking?  Well, if you enjoy great food and a family atmosphere, then Festival Italiano at Bel-Mar is right up your alley.

Festival Italiano is an annual festival held at Bel-Mar, a vibrant shopping, dining and residential community in Lakewood.  Bel-Mar, located at Alameda and Wadsworth, is the host of a variety of events, as well as the downtown area for Lakewood.

The festival was created as an annual tradition in September 2004, and has become one of the more popular events for the city.  Once the site of the Villa Italia shopping mall, the inspiration for the festival was a desire to build upon this bygone Italian era, and that concept has become a tremendous success.

Endless opportunities exist for tasting a variety of different Italian cakes and cookies, sausage and peppers, pizza and bread, along with wine and gelato.  Numerous restaurants and delis are there to offer tasty treats that never disappoint, and live demonstrations by professional chefs tempt you to take some of what you taste and make it at home.  Children of many ages find the grape stomp irresistible.

For planning your next visit to Italy, this is the place to start.  Travel agents are ready to provide you with numerous Italian vacation ideas and packages.  Cannot get away?  Then pick up a little Italy to take home with you.  You will find plenty of art featuring the picturesque Tuscan country side, the canals of Venice and the historical Italian architecture at the festival.  There are even basic Italian lessons offered to further your Italian education.

What would an Italian festival be without the original Italian game?  Bocce is as Italian as it gets and the festival has a bocce tournament where you can watch some of the best bocce players in Denver.  You can also take the plunge and play the game in the open bocce competition at one of the many courts.

From flag throwers that originate from Florence, to live Italian music and dancing, Festival Italiano is a great way to have a Colorado adventure while you enjoy a little bit of what Italy has to offer.  Caio!

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