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Oftentimes in our lives we get so caught up in our careers and focus so intently on them that we may forget the importance of community and the need, as humans, to do what we can to improve the world around us. Volunteering is just one way, I believe, that enables us to do this. I hope you are able to see from my own experiences the joy that can be found in giving up ones time for the benefit of others. As well as how easy it is to become a volunteer.

After recently moving to Lakewood from Iowa it was important to me to find ways I could give back to the place I now call home.  I was lucky enough to find one such way through a elementary school tutoring program.  By spending one evening a week tutoring, along with many other volunteer tutors in the Denver area, we are able to improve the education of a student in the Denver area.  At the same time I have found volunteering can bring joy to my life as well.
The joy I have received from volunteering, and stepping outside of my comfort zone is amazing. I have been working with youth over the past four years, in either counseling or a tutoring role. It has been great to be able to see them grow over the years, and walk beside them as they struggle with the issues that middle and high school throws at them. It has always been amazing seeing how they react. While the results may not be the desired ones, I will always be thankful that I still spent time trying to help them along the way.
I strongly encourage anyone to find a way in which they can give back to the community, whether through work with youth (my personal favorite) or in any other area. With a current homeless population of around 24,000 (close to the total number of residents in the Iowa community I grew up in). There are many organizations that are seeking help. One way to find an organization that would best fit your skill set is through a website such as This is an online resource that lists many areas around the community that are seeking people who are willing to give up some of their time for the benefit of others.
I hope that you are able to find a way you can give back to your community through volunteering, and hope you too can find a joy in doing so.

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