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Indoor Skydiving at Skyventure Colorado

Indoor Skydiving at Skyventure Colorado

Winter in Colorado is more than great ski slopes. There are plenty of unique ideas that don’t involve tumbling down an uncharted mountain. If you’re not quite an adrenaline junkie, but are still interested in the extreme, you might want to look into booking a flight at Skyventure Colorado.

Located in Lone Tree, Colorado, only an hour north of Colorado Springs, Skyventure Colorado offers a safe and fun-for-all-ages flying experience. Visitors can take turns flying on a cushion of air generated by Skyventure’s state of the art wind circulation system. Instructors walk first time flyers though a safety demonstration, then accompany them into the see-through tunnel. Indoor skydiving feels just like the real thing, but without the risks of canopy flight!

First time flyer rates start at $43 for children under 12, and $52 for adults. Skyventure Colorado also offers party packages, and special rates for returning flyers and experienced skydivers.

In fact, one of the best things about visiting Skyventure Colorado is the incredible show professional skydivers put on in the tunnel. Experienced jumpers visit Skyventure Colorado to brush up on their skills, and learn new ones. You can hang out and watch them fly in all sorts of scary positions, climb the walls, and whip around at gut wrenching speeds.

If you’re tired of the snow, visit the indoor skydiving tunnel at Skyventure Colorado. In one afternoon you can try your skills at flying, and witness local jumpers display the incredible evolution of skydiving, and the hidden talent that resides in Colorado.

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