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Get the Most of Your Rockies Game with These Tips

Even if you are not as big of a baseball fan as we are at KKB, there’s something very appealing when the pros are back on the 20-year-old Coors Field, and we all get to experience a bit of the magic of America’s favorite pastime. Yes, for us, it also signals the end of our very busy tax planning and preparation season, and we’re ready to kick back and relax! One of our favorite annual traditions is to gather up all the employees for a trip to Coors Field, regardless of the Rockies’ stats, for a baseball game. Whether you are an avid fan or not, we compiled the top things to know when heading out to watch the Rockies!

Avid Fan

Here are some of our top tips to get the most of your Rockies experience!

1. Autographs: Head over to sections 116-121 and 142-146 before batting practice ends, usually 40 minutes prior to game time, to try to get the autographs of your favorite players. Or you can always mail an item to your favorite player to get an autograph, but there’s no guarantee it will be returned to you. Four Rockies players or coaches will be available every home Sunday game from 12:40-1 p.m. at the bottom of sections 116-120 to sign autographs.

2. Best Seats in the House: Well, the most expensive seats in the house are in the Coors Clubhouse and will run you $250 each. The view, directly behind home plate, might be enough to entice you to spend the moola, but the premium service including a private entrance, restaurant and lounge as well as complimentary dining in the restaurant and at your seat, just might make it worth it! You could also rent the Warning Track Party Room for $100-$120 per person which includes a catered buffet.

3. Memorabilia: Venture to a stand on the first level, near left field to purchase USED bats, bases, jerseys and other game-used gear. SCORE!

Atmosphere Fan

The smell of fresh-cut grass. Hot dogs, peanuts and boxes of Cracker Jacks. If these are the things that bring you to Coors Field, you’re not alone.

1. Great Grub: Even before the 7th inning stretch, venture to find some of the new food items for sale this year such as the taco dog at the Wazee Market (section 119) and the flatbread Italian sandwich (200 level). If you splurged for the premium seats, satiate your hunger with the tuna Frenchie.

2. Celebrate 5,280-Style: Check out the Tavern Ballpark with a 52-foot, 80-inch long bar and 52 craft beers on tap in the stadium’s upper-right field seating area, The Rooftop. The deck offers the best views in the stadium!

3. Finding Dinger: Families should stop to meet Dinger, the Rockies’ mascot, at the top of the third inning on the main concourse right below the Rockpile. Be prepared to stand in line! There are also two playgrounds: one in left field and one in center field.

How to Use this Information

If there’s one thing we know for certain about a day at the ballpark, Rockies fans are going to have fun, whether or not the Rockies’ bats are hot. At KKB, P.C. we are proactive about financial guidance for all of areas of your life so you can achieve and enjoy the lifestyle you want. Please contact us at 303-815-1100 or online to start the conversation.

Do you have a secret tip to share for a great way to enjoy Coors Field?

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