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Doctors Who Return to Practice after Sabbaticals Alleviate Void

As a result of the surge of patients who are now covered under the Affordable Care Act, experts in healthcare practice consulting see a great need to increase the number of practicing physicians to accommodate the influx of patients who require care. The demand is especially acute for primary-care doctors. One way that the health care industry is trying to fill this gap is by recruiting physicians who have left an active practice for one reason or another over the years.

Assistance from Denver-based Nonprofit Center for Personalized Education for Physicians

When the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians (CPEP) began its mission 10 years ago to help physicians who wanted to re-enter an active practice after taking significant time off, interest in its program was minimal. In recent years CPEP, the nonprofit seven Colorado medical organizations collaborated to start, has experienced enough growth to support its expansion into Raleigh, North Carolina last year. Today, CPEP’s CEO Beth Korinek predicts dramatic growth in the near future based on how popular the program has been.

CPEP helps personalize an education program for physicians who have not practiced medicine for several years. With an education-intensive profession such as the medical field, physicians can’t step back into a full-time practice after time away without some additional training. CPEP also advises physicians on licensing requirements and connects physicians with preceptor sites who help them get back up to speed with the fast-moving medical industry.

Expedient Onboarding Appeals to Practices Who Require Immediate Help

For most practices, recruiting physicians with a proven track record is very appealing. Medical practices are favorable to hiring physicians who have worked with CPEP, because with its physician assessments to identify gaps in training and the personalized education plans that are created, medical practices are assured that they are getting physicians who have the proper credentials to manage patients. Oftentimes, physicians with prior experience are on-boarded to a new practice much more quickly than those who are just completing their medical training.

How to Use this Information

As you juggle the many demands of practice management, it’s wonderful to find solutions such as CPEP’s services that efficiently support your objectives. Similarly, KKB, P.C. is dedicated to supporting the financial goals of medical practices. Please give us a call at 303-815-1100 or contact us online to let us know how we can be serve you.

What are the benefits to having an experienced physician join your medical practice after taking time off?

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