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Telluride in October with John Fielder

Legendary Telluride is said to be a contraction of the words “To Hell You Ride,” a trip described by Old West cowboys traveling through the rugged and heavily forested mountainous terrain into the incredibly beautiful box canyon where the current town is nestled.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend one of John Fielder’s annual mountain workshops focused on various stunning Colorado vistas found only a few hours away from home.  John Fielder is famous in Colorado for his spectacular landscapes, and we discovered that he seems to know every road in Colorado as well as his own backyard.  And, as an instructor, he is top notch!  We were two of about a dozen eager students who convened in Telluride to learn and share fun and photography with the expert and other students.

The landscape photographer’s routine is not an easy one as the prime hours of light for great shots are in the very early hours and in the late afternoon through early evening.  Adding travel time to these remote sites creates an enjoyable, yet extended, day of work for the class.

On our first afternoon out on an aspen gold-lined rural road we encountered two horses at the edge of an open meadow.  John stopped the Suburban, rolled down the window and they walked right over to greet us.  After a few rubs on the noses, John encouraged them to “Go home now.”  They followed our three-vehicle caravan to the next meadow where their herd was grazing peacefully.  When our two new friends spotted their familiar comrades they were overjoyed!  And, their reunion was fascinating to watch.  All horses frolicked with such happiness that we got out of our vehicles for a closer look. 

Notice the photo of the class meeting the horses (John is in the red cap).  The gray horse was clearly the herd leader and very friendly.

John Fielder lives and shares his passion for Colorado beauty every day with each new photograph that meets his own personal standards of excellence.  If you are interested in attending a workshop you can get details at:

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