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Denver CPA Talks New Denver Restaurants

If you can believe it, hundreds of restaurants opened across Denver in the past year. All across the Denver Metro Area, fine (and fun) dining establishments have started to make their way into online restaurant reviews and social media channels touting Best Restaurant, Best Bar, Best Burger, Best Everything. Luckily your Denver CPA has a short list of some of the best and brightest new restaurants that you must check out.

The Curtis Club – Nestled off of 21st and Curtis in Denver, this New American cuisine offers almond fettuccini, rabbit loin wrapped in crispy pancetta, and Maine lobster lying on a bed of lardon-flavored grits. The Curtis Club boasts a Wild West decor with a classy feeling.

The Plimoth – If you’re looking for an intimate setting for dinner, look no further than The Plimoth. With only 40 seats, this City Park North neighborhood will sure hold your attention with its French inspired cuisine. Their signature item: A cauliflower-turnip gratinée. It’s a must for all experienced and novice foodies.

Beast & Bottle – If you’re looking for a good glass of wine and a small plate, Beast & Bottle has you covered. The seafood program is said to be exciting; based on the owner being trained in fishing practices. The fish is luscious and also harvested responsibly.

Harman’s Eat and Drink – New to the Cherry Creek North area, Harman’s Eat and Drink is described as a comfortable, New American restaurant designed as a regular hangout for the neighborhood. Here you can hang at the bar and devour their braised-goat tostadas before indulging on their famous truffled pork rinds.

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Finding new places to eat in Denver has never been a problem. Deciding on where to go has been the challenge. We strongly suggest that you give one of these new places a try, and if you’re looking for Denver wealth management services or any other financial services, contact us at 303-815-1100 or visit today.

What new restaurant are you looking to try this year?

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