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Every day, I practice gratitude. Being grateful during the difficult times is not easy, and sometimes I find myself not taking the time to be grateful for the small things in life. I try to practice gratitude continuously, throughout the day.

When I wake up in the mornings, I think grateful thoughts for the simple gifts in my life -- for my bed and for the unknown day ahead. I even send grateful thoughts for my shower, my clothes, my breakfast, my home and for my husband. I express gratitude for my job, and my coworkers. These simple things are blessings in life.

Special moments to me are when I see a park with a lovely lake and ducks playing in the water, walking hand in hand with my husband, viewing the city in the distance, a parade, and even the snow!

I watch and learn, and relearn again and again, through friends and family how to nurture this attitude. It is definitely a continuous endeavor, but also a worthwhile attempt that helps me to appreciate the beautiful things in the world that others miss everyday.

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