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Denver CPA Brings You Key to Reducing Holiday Stress

As a Denver CPA, we know a lot about year-end stress. Last opportunities to make donations, reviewing portfolios and boosting withholdings so you don’t owe the IRS can all be part of the added chaos. Plus, the holiday season, in itself, is very busy. There is shopping, parties, commitments, family, travel and more. They all pile up and, sometimes, make for a less than joyful year-end. But, from a practical standpoint, here are some things you can do to reduce your stress and improve your peace of mind during this crazy season.

Pass on Perfection

Don’t be fooled by the pages of lifestyle magazines that were carefully curated by professional designers specifically for a photo shoot. Stressing over the unrealistic pursuit of perfection is a recipe for stress. It’s your attachment to how things “should” be that causes the bulk of holiday stress. If you let go of having to have things be a certain way, it allows you to enjoy things just as they are. This year, embrace the chaos, accept the inevitable snafus of your holiday celebrations and remember that if anything goes horribly wrong it could make a great story for years to come.

Intentional Pauses

Schedule time in your calendar to simply take breaks. This could be for an hour here or there and be as simple as taking a walk with friend or meeting someone for coffee. These little breaks allow you to recalibrate a little bit when you feel that the craziness of the season is taking away from the spirit of peace and goodwill for all. And, of course, repeat this as much as necessary.

New Traditions

Sometimes old traditions for the sake of, “That is the way we have always done it” can be more stressful as you try to live up to past year experiences. It is OK to try new traditions.


Not only will exercise help you combat the extra calories you consume during the holiday, it is also one of the best ways to relieve stress. Exercise pumps up your endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters, improves energy and helps you better manage holiday irritations. Your sleep will also improve when you get your heart pumping during the day.

Have Fun

This is the most important rule for de-stressing the holiday. Allow yourself some moments of just being a little “childish”. Do some things that make you smile and laugh. This can be impromptu snowball fights or pulling out unfashionable holiday sweaters for work.

How To Use This Information

When it comes to the year-end, we want you to enjoy the season! We can also help give you peace of mind with your year-end financial needs. Call your KKB Denver CPA at 303-815-1100.

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