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Denver CPA: The Importance of Telehealth

Health care technology has been a statement that is almost as old as time. As your Denver CPA Firm, we’re no stranger to staying ahead of the health care technology trends. Gone are the days of doctors writing notes in charts during routine checkups. Now every exam room has a computer that is full of health information on their current patients. Doctors can now review scans from specialists and pharmacy records all with a push of a button, or more appropriately, a mouse click.

Telehealth has also been given a boost over the past few months. Since the Health Care Reform started early in 2014, having doctors rely on telehealth is now more important than ever. According to Roy Schoenberg, chief executive of telehealth technology company American Well, 2014 will have more doctors using technology to follow up with their patients. He says doctors’ realization that telehealth offers a low-cost and convenient way to keep up with their patients will spur the increased use of telehealth. Having the ability to see more patients is causing more of a strain on a lot of practices. However the use of telehealth should help ease the pain of heavier workloads.

Doctors now have the ability to have remote telecommunications with their patients and patient providers. It can be as simple as a quick video teleconference with a patient or advanced high-quality online voice and web interactions with innovations in health care technology. The best part about telehealth: If it is properly implemented, telehealth can expand access and reduce costs of healthcare. For example, patients with mobile devices can monitor and report on their own vital signs and manage treatment, eliminating the need for a trip to the doctor’s office.

How to use this Information Telehealth is an important trend in the health care industry today. At KKB we’re always up to date on changing and innovative trends that can help your practice in financial management issues and strategic planning and productivity. Contact us today at 303-815-1100 or visit our website at We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and we’re looking forward to showing you how we can help.

How do you use technologies in your practice?

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