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Denver CPA: Our Annual Baseball Event

One of the best things about working at KKB, a Denver CPA firm, is that we work hard, and play hard. We’re always up to something, either in our offices or out in about in our beautiful state of Colorado. One of the annual traditions at KKB is to gather up all the employees for a trip to Coors Field for a late summer baseball game.

Each year our Enjoyment Committee puts together our baseball trip. The Committee is tasked with putting together all of our events throughout the year. This year’s committee did an especially fantastic job creating a great experience for every one of our employees. Along with seats to the game, each employee received a drink of choice and a hot dog. This was a great opportunity to bond and to learn more about two of our newest employees.

The baseball night was a huge success. Every employee had a great time, and we all had fun cheering on the home team in their win over the Padres.

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At KKB we’re dedicated to providing our clients sound tax and financial planning services. As a Denver CPA firm, we believe in enjoying each day and that everyone has value to contribute. And we like to share some of our events and activities with our clients, followers and prospects. Our enjoyment comes from building strong, long-term, enjoyable relationships and helping our clients achieve their goals. Call 303-815-1100 for more information on our services.

What fun activities has your company done this year?

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