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CPA Denver: An Update on our February Roundtable

On February 19, 2014 we had the pleasure of inviting some of our clients to our first roundtable of the year. The roundtable, “The Year Ahead: Trends, Ideas and Insight Update Luncheon,” focused on various legislative and economic matters that may affect your healthcare practice in 2014.

“We were so thankful for the great turnout for our first roundtable of the year. It was our pleasure to provide this informative session and to share ideas with our clients and their colleagues,” said Managing Partner, Bruce Kirkpatrick.

The roundtable focused on the following topics: Are there any 2014 tax changes/expirations that affect my practice?

Is there any impact to my practice of the recently passed $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill?

What is required under the Affordable Care Act?

How to prepare for Medicaid Expansion?

Bruce continued, “2014 is going to usher in more change than usual; so much change that it’s been called “the Year of Government Mandates.” Our goal with this roundtable was to provide some background on what will happen, and it certainly provoked constructive conversation on how other practices are addressing this. We hope that the ideas and guidance that we emphasized during our roundtable were beneficial to our clients.”

The first roundtable was a such a success that the Denver accounting firm plans to do additional events in the future.

How to use this Information We’d like to thank our clients that came to our first roundtable. If you’re interested in joining one of our roundtables, please call us at 303-815-1100. We’re happy to provide you with the information you need to have success in your practice. At KKB we believe in enjoying each day and that everyone has value to contribute. We actively contribute through continuous learning, dedicating ourselves to our client’s success, living with integrity and working hard. Our enjoyment comes from building strong, long-term, enjoyable relationships and helping our clients proactively achieve their goals.

What topics would you like us to talk about during our next roundtable?

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