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Top Ten Time Saving Tips -

No matter how efficient a person may be, improving time management is something everyone can benefit from. These changes do not need to be extravagant or excessive, but rather can be minor tweaks here and there throughout the day to save on time, planning, energy, and stress.

Here are Ten Tips on Saving Time:

  1. Have everything laid out and ready to go in the mornings. This includes food, clothing, documents, keys, etc. An enormous amount of time is spent rummaging through closets and refrigerators when it could be done the night before when time is more forgiving. Plus, it will prevent one of the bigger annoyances in trying to find where you left your keys.
  2. If your arrival and departure time at work is flexible, try to plan for when the roads are less busy. Finding a way around the 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM rush hours can save anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
  3. Given the choice between working four, ten hour days and five, eight hour days, choose the four days. It might take a while to adjust to working the longer hours, but you’ll end with an entire extra day for the weekend.
  4. Have a set schedule with work. There should be a time range for each activity, along with an overflow allotment for things that go long. This will help to keep organized and focused.
  5. Set up automatic bill payments. It may not seem like much, but filling out checks and envelopes will save hours when compounded over a year. Plus you will save on stamps.
  6. Buy bulk. Spending one hour in a store getting everything you’ll need for a month is much quicker than going four times a month with each trip thirty minutes long.
  7. Learn keyboard shortcuts. Believe it or not, it’s much quicker to hit ctrl + c to copy rather than highlighting and right clicking. And both are light years ahead of highlighting and going through the menu bar.
  8. Check emails at set times. Being on constant email alert forces you to start and stop each time a new message appears. If you check it in hour increments, you can plan it around your work.
  9. Only multitask to your limits. It’s quicker to do one thing at a time, then do five things at once and then have to redo them again and again.
  10. Keep a notepad handy at all times. Write down things that you know are important for the future, that way you won’t spend time trying to remember them. Access to knowledge is more important than knowledge itself.

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