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Rock Climbing in Colorado :

We all have our own ways of pushing ourselves to a new level.  Personally, I have found that climbing provides a great way to challenge myself both mentally and physically while enjoying the mountains in all their glory. The physical challenge which climbing provides is quite obvious, as it is easy to understand how pulling oneself up an overhung cliff can be exhausting. However, it is the mental challenge that has drawn me to climbing and continues to bring me back for more.

The mental challenge to push yourself above what you may think is possible, to believe that even though the rock directly in front of you may look impossible to summit, that with the correct attitude and determination, the ascent can be achieved. However, it’s not always easy during the ascent to keep this mindset. There are many times while climbing when a hint of doubt may creep into your mind, the thought that your hand may slip, that the climb may be too hard. However, if you truly wish to summit these are the thoughts you must overcome. You must believe you are capable of accomplishing the task at hand, even if in the moment it may seem impossible.

While keeping the optimum mental perspective, you must also recognize what will happen if you are to fall, provided you have taken the proper safety precautions, the rope or pad will simply catch you (assuming you are using the correct safety equipment which I strongly encourage!). You then have created options for yourself -- the choice to keep going, to overcome your crux or to simply pull the rope and move on.

This is another critical point where you either give up, or you realize that even if you fail there is something there to fall back on. Hopefully, making a positive decision will lead you to persevere, and continue to try until you are able to continue on your route.

Lastly, there is the summit, where you are able to look back, and reflect on what may have begun as something you viewed as impossible, and has now been completed. This is the why we climb, to push ourselves above and beyond what we may think is possible and to overcome any obstacles that may arise along the way.

Life has generated many of the same experiences I have had while climbing, many times it may seem easier to give up and go back to where it seemed safer, while our feet were on the ground. However, if we are willing to keep trying and push forward, I believe we will see the trials during our lives can lead to amazing adventures, as well as a summit we can look back with pride for how we have lived our lives.

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