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Cloud Computing and Your Business -

Recently, a lot of talk about cutting edge business technology involves the use of cloud computing. There are advertisements almost daily claiming that it will revolutionize the business world, but one thing these advertisements lack is any sort of explanation as to what clouds do. The following is a brief synopsis of the purpose and function of clouds, and how they may help your business.

What is a cloud?
A cloud is a series of powerful networked computers that hold different applications that a user can run from their own computer, but all of the processing and computer hardware comes from the cloud. In other words, say you want to use a spreadsheet from a cloud. Excel would open in the cloud and what you would see on your screen is the cloud's output. Excel would not be running on your computer at all.

The benefits of a cloud:
This allows for older computers, cell phones, and tablets to run even the most cutting edge and resource heavy software with no hiccups. It also keeps the network secure by preventing any unwanted add-ons and extensions to programs the company will use. Instead of regulating multiple copies of excel across multiple computers, this allows the IT department to make changes through one terminal. It also enhances reliability since a trusted, expert is in charge of all programs in files rather than each user.

Where to find clouds?
The most common type of cloud is seen with Google. Their Google docs service acts as a type of cloud where multiple users can access the same spreadsheets and word documents without needing any Microsoft Office products. There are also specialized companies such as IBM that will custom tailor a cloud to fit an office’s needs.

Cloud Computing and Your Healthcare Business
One new and practical use of cloud computing in the healthcare world is a solution called "Collaborative Care Solution". This new cloud computing enables medical practices, hospitals and states to change the way they deliver healthcare. Traditionally, patients often have to carry their health history information with them and provide it for the physician. Many times, doctors do not always have all the informtion they need at hand regarding a patient's medical record. This new cloud computing solution allows physicians to easily access and automatically analyze a patient's condition. By combining information from electronic medical records, claims, medication and lab data with ActiveHealth's CareEngine and delivering it through an IBM cloud computing platform, doctors are now able to deliver more complete decisions about patient healthcare.

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