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Clean That Desk Up!

Are you guilty of having a messy desk? It’s OK, we’ve all been there. A common New Year’s resolution is to get more organized, and as luck would have it, your CPA Denver team has all the answers on making sure your resolutions for 2014 don’t get broken. Here’s our tips on organizing a mess desk.

If you have a messy desk, the first step is probably the easiest: remove everything off the top of your desk. Remove your computer, lamp, pictures, phone and the three week old coffee mug you’ve been hanging on to. From here you need to decide on which items you use the most. It’s probably going to be pens, a notebook, a stapler and maybe even hand sanitizer. Place these items in a drawer you can easily reach.

After you’ve cleaned the top of your desk, add those necessary items, and only necessary items. If you have too much stuff on your desk it will look cluttered. Here is where you should add; your computer monitor, lamp and maybe a clock. For those papers that you absolutely need to have on your desk, you can try adding a basket to the edge of your work space. But make sure to keep these papers in the basket and not on your desk.

Sometimes we carry a lot of unnecessary items on our desks. Use a filing cabinet that is in the corner of your space for storing of these unnecessary files, records and scraps of paper. They’ll be easy enough to get to if you need them.

A cluttered, unorganized desk can reduce your energy and make you less productive. With our tips above, you can be sure that your work space will be cleaner and you’ll be more organized to continue to meet your resolutions of staying more organized at work.

How to use this Information We’re sure that your work life will improve once you de-clutter your work space. Use our tips from your tax accountant Denver, and contact us at 303-815-1100 to help get your taxes organized. Our overall goal is to make sure that we provide the financial guidance you need to achieve your goals. Contact us today!

Do you have problems keeping your desk clean? What tips do you use to keep it clean?

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