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Broncos 2015 Season Outlook

Can you believe that Broncos regular is just around the corner? The question on everyone’s mind seems to be, what’s going to happen in 2015? With a couple of big changes, the Broncos season is up in the air. Here at our Denver CPA firm firm we’re hoping these are good changes and bring a big season for our team. Let’s take a look at what we might expect for the 2015-16 season.

Gary Kubiak

We’ve got a new head coach, and in the world of sports, that can make or break a team. Kubiak is an offense-driven coach. He has big plans for the Broncos offense, which could bring some great changes for the team. Kubiak previously worked with the Broncos as the team’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach from 1995-2005. During that time, he helped the Broncos win two Super Bowl titles (1997 and 1998). We’re all hoping that as a head coach he can use his knowledge to help bring even more success to our team.

Peyton Manning

Our 39 year old quarterback is crucial to the Broncos success this season. Manning is still one of the most talented quarterbacks the league has ever seen. He’s also been playing for so long that he’s a smart player. In order for a successful season, we need our star quarterback to stay healthy. It will be imperative that the defense does their job to protect Manning. If he is able to keep up his health, there’s very little that will stop our quarterback from leading our team to a winning season. Manning knows that his time in the NFL could be coming to an end in a few years, so he’s going to bring everything he’s got this season, there’s no doubt about that.

Defensive Changes

While the offensive changes that Kubiak is starting to implement are very exciting for Broncos fans, the defensive adjustments are also interesting. Wade Phillips, the Broncos defensive coordinator, and Kubiak decided to switch the defense from a 4-3 (four down linemen and three linebackers) to a 3-4 (three down linemen and four linebackers). This new change will allow for a slightly more aggressive defense but will help the Broncos still maintain their impressive defensive yard-per-play measurements which were second best in the NFL last season.

2015 Outlook

The new changes look good, the team is improving, and the Broncos have an impressive roster, but what’s going to happen this season? We all want a Super Bowl win, but let’s not jinx ourselves. The Broncos look good, strong, and energized with all the new arrangements in place this season, let’s hope this results in a great outcome for the 15-16 season.

How to Use this Information

We’ll all keep our fingers crossed for a successful Broncos’ season this year. While you may be stressing before the season even begins, at KKB Accountants in Denver we would be happy to help you take a load off, at least in regards to your finances. Give us a call at 303-815-1100 for financial guidance.

How do you think the Broncos will handle the new changes this season?

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