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Best Brain Food for CPA's: Carlos Bistro -

Recently, while in Colorado Springs attending the Colorado MGMA conference we invited our friend and keynote speaker, Reed Tinsley, to join us for dinner at a local restaurant. We discovered that Carlos Bistro was highly rated by the locals, and decided to take a chance.

As we were making our left turn from 21st street into the parking lot, we saw Carlo, dressed in a crisp shirt and tie, standing at the open door waving and welcoming us in. Frankly, at first I wasn't sure who he was, or who he was waving at, as this had never happened to us before.

The restaurant is intimate, with comfortable shabby chic décor, and immaculate white table cloths adorn all the tables. We enjoyed cocktails, and they even produced an aged Mt Gay rum for my Cuba Libra.

Dinner was excellent! We ordered fresh halibut and some aged bovine slices that came adorned with various fresh, seared vegetables. The service was excellent and we finished our meal with shared Crème Brule. 

As we bid good bye's to Carlo he mentioned that he does not advertise, and if we enjoyed the meal we should tell our friends. So here it is... the best meal we have enjoyed in the Springs ever. Carlos Bistro, 1025 S 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

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