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When we talk about credit cards, we automatically think about the high interest rate and all sorts of fees the credit card company charges us. But I recently learned that there are times we should use a credit card.

The credit card benefit was an accidental lesson. It happened when my two year old Sony big screen TV was broken a month ago. I called the Costco tech support hot line and found out that the two year warranty had expired three days earlier.

The Costco customer service representative noticed that I had charged the TV with American Express. He told me that American Express has an automatic extended one year warranty.

When I called American Express customer service; the customer representative was very helpful. She helped me set up a claim within five minutes. All I needed to do was to fax the expenses that related to repairing the TV to American Express (with the claim # on the receipts) and get reimbursed. With my permission, they could have even issued an auto credit for the money back to my credit card.

I was told that it doesn’t matter where I buy the product, American Express will automatically provide one year of extended warranty on top of any manufactory warranty for free. So, I bought another TV and charged it on American Express!

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