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Back To School With Your Denver CPA

Shh. Don’t tell your kids, but back to school is right around the corner. Your Denver CPA does not mean to be the downer to the end of summer. Our goal is to get your kids (and you) ready for the new school year. With schools around Colorado starting as early as the second week of August, it’s never too early to start getting your kids ready for the upcoming school year.

First step is to get your kids looking the part. Take them shopping for new clothes, including a new pair of shoes. Nothing will make your kids feel better about going back to school than shopping for the newest fashion trends. While you’re shopping for clothes, don’t forget to pick up new school supplies. Get them a new case for their iPad or a new bag for their computer. Or go old school and refresh their pens, get notebooks or folders to help them stay organized throughout the year.

Now that you have your kids looking the part, you next objective is to create a study zone in your home. A study zone should consist of a clean table or desk, drawers, comfortable seating and a clock. Of course you’ll also want to keep your study zone in a quiet area for maximum concentration.

And finally, keep focused on the future. Get your high school kids ready for college by scheduling their ACT and SAT tests. Maybe your kids are beyond that and should be focusing on college entrance exams. In either stage of their schooling, you should have a plan for the future.

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With school right around the corner, KKB your tax accountant in Denver, wants to remind you to take the necessary steps to create as much success for your kids as you can. And when you’re ready to talk about your personal wealth management or tax services, we’ll be here to give you all the advice you need. Visit or call 303- 815-1100 for more information on our services.

How do you get your kids ready for the school year?

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