Year End Tax Planning

  • You still have plenty of time to contribute to your 401(k) before year end. Money you contribute to your plan (excluding Roth) is excluded from your income, lowering your tax bill.
  • If you expect that you'll owe money when you file your 2014 tax return next spring, you can avoid an underpayment penalty by boosting your withholding now.
  • Reviewing your portfolio before year end is a smart tax move. Selling appreciated securities or other assets could save you money.
  • Boost your tax return by giving to charity before the end of the year. A few bags of clothes and gently used furniture can add up to hundreds of dollars in tax deductions.

Denver Certified Public Accountants

Healthcare is Our Primary Focus

We are the premier financial advisory and CPA firm in the region whose primary focus is healthcare.

  • We understand the specific challenges of the healthcare industry
  • We have the knowledge to provide the financial guidance you need to achieve your goals
  • We proactively help you manage all aspects of your finances and wealth building

Proactive Financial Guidance

Our services reach far beyond tax preparation, accounting, and practice management. We come to understand your entire financial picture, providing proactive financial guidance for all areas of your life. We work with you to establish clear goals, learn about what you want out of life, and create a wealth management solution that will help you achieve success.

Making Your Life More Enjoyable

Our exclusive Personal Enjoyment Profile™ helps us understand what is really important to you. Using this as a reference, we show you how to navigate all aspects of your finances to ensure that you achieve your life goals.

To start your personal enjoyment planning, or to learn more about us, contact us.